Top 10 Reasons Why Mock Tests Are Important

why are mock exams important

What are the Mock Tests and why Mock tests are so important for students who sit in any compering or entrance exams? The answer is that Mock Tests are similar exam formats either online or offline prepared on any of the exams by following the same syllabus, marking system and time, etc. that are decided by the exam organizing committee.

For example, the NTA-NEET-UG exam is originally organized by the NTA on a particular date every year. But any coaching institute or website prepared an online or offline exam for judge the students’ knowledge how many students know the syllabus and how much he/she can score in this exam by following the same exam pattern that is given in the NTA -NEET-UG brochure then it is called a mock test on the NTA-NEET-UG exam.

Mock test either offline and online that students can attempt any time throughout the year to check their knowledge and preparation level. These mock tests are very helpful for those students who are attempting the exam the first time and don't know how to solve the final original paper in the exam.

Private coaching institute provides offline mock tests series also. But today maximum competitive and entrance exams are conducted online and that is called Computer Based Test (CBT). SO coaching institutes prepared various mock tests series for the students on the various competitive exam and entrance exams that students can attempt 24*7 hours anywhere from any device like mobile, laptop and desktop, etc.

The Top 10 Reasons to Understand Why the Mock Tests Are So Important

There are lots of reasons to attempt the mock tests before giving the final exam but here we listed some very important top 10 reasons that you should know.

1. Familiarized with the pattern of exam

Every exam has a different syllabus and pattern so by giving mock tests on these exams you will be familiar with the exam pattern. When you solve the mock test you can understand how much time you will get, how the type of question will come, there is negative marking or not, there are options or not, MCQs type questions or numerical type or short answer type questions will come, etc.

2. Know more important topics and chapters of the syllabus

Every exam has some specific syllabus on the basis of this syllabus exam paper prepared but not all topics or chapters are similarly important. Some topics or chapters are more important than others and every year questions are asked from that topic so students can be prepared for those topics more than the less important topics.

For example, the NTA-NEET-UG exam has class 11th and 12th chapters syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology but not all chapters or similarly important or carry the same marks.

3. You can self-analyze your preparation and performance level

After solving the mock test students will get the real result of their exam preparation. So this reality check will be very helpful in the preparation for the final exam effectively.

By solving mock tests you can check your performance level by checking results improvement day by day. Mocks tests are also very helpful to remember the concepts so practicing mock tests makes you perfect for the exam.

4. Can apply different strategies on a test

Different exams have different exam patterns to solving these exams in finally can harm your result. By solving mock tests you have lots of options to solve exam papers by applying different strategies like some students solve questions serially and if a tricky question comes on the serial they can stick on that question and this can consume your precious time.

So solving the pattern of the exam paper can also be very helpful in the exam and it can you only apply and make practice on the mock tests.

5. Can do time management efficiently

An exam has different sections and fixed marks for the particular section so you can allocate the time to the particular section according to marks and importance to solving these sections and this will help to save your time in the final exam.

By solving a mock test you can calculate your question-solving speed so if you are so slow then you can practice more to attempt all questions in the given time interval and do time management efficiently.

6. Got an idea, how much you know and how much to learn

After solving a mock test you will realize that how much you know and which topics or chapters questions you are unable to solve.

So you can calculate your prepared chapters and not-ready topics of the syllabus very well. When you identified your weak points you can practice these topics to improve your strength.

7. It reduces pre-exam nervousness

If you are going to solve your final exam paper then you get nervous but if you have done sufficient mock tests practice and have very good confidence then you would not be nervous and can solve the final exam very calmly. Solving a mock test before the final exam boosts the confidence level that you can solve the exam paper easily.

8. Can clear their doubts

Every student has some queries related to the exam paper before solving the final paper so you can clear your doubts from your teachers regarding this. Your doubts can be related to questions, patterns, marking systems, time allotment, negative marking, etc. So by practicing these mock tests you can clear your doubts.

If students face problems in solving the mock test then they can mark it to asking with their teacher and clear their doubts later.

9. A fair evaluation of your progress

Mock tests are very helpful to keep a track of your progress. By solving mock tests you can get a fair evaluation of your knowledge. After completing many mock tests you can calculate approximately how many marks or percentile you will get in the final exam. You know your mistakes and can correct them next time in the mock test then this will help you that you will not do this mistake in the final exam.

10. Good for short time practice and revision

Mock tests are based on the complete syllabus of the exam and contain only important topics based questions that are very useful for the final exam. So it is very useful for the very quick revision of the exam syllabus before going to the final exam.

If you going to solve these mock tests then you will solve them in very little time than reading notes or books syllabus.

Mock Test Master Mock Tests

Mock Test Master Team subjects experts have prepared various competitive and entrance exams to mock tests for the students, which is based on the syllabus of various these exams. Every year pattern and marking system of the exams slightly changes that students have to understand according to the instructions. So we prepared a common type of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) mock test format that follows the specific exam syllabus strictly. Our mock tests will be very helpful for those who want to very quiz revision of the full syllabus very quickly.

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