How to Polish Your Resume without Lying for a Desired Job

How to Polish Your Resume

Ever worried about how your resume is going to fare among a number of candidates applying for the desired job? Remember, as they have also been invited for the interview, the interviewer finds them as creative as you are. The only thing that will stand out and help you nail the interview is the resume. Your resume is a representation of your creativity and ability to handle job responsibilities. It is the face that is going to speak for you strongly in this short period of the meeting.

The question is how much effort do you put in while making your resume? The resume is not something where you put all your educational and professional examples haphazardly. Your resume should be in brief with perfectly mentioned details and references. Your resume must be visually very attractive, concise, and updated which is relevant to the job you are seeking.

Making a resume is a tough job as you have to check out which of your skill sets are going to make the most impact. Apart from that, you should tailor your resume in accordance with the job profile and the company that you are applying for. Here are some of the ways you can make your resume outshine your competitors.

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Your resume must highlight the 3-4 most important elements that demonstrate you are perfectly fit for the applied job. Your resume should be in the following order.

  • Career Objective
  • Brief Profile Summary
  • Professional Profile
  • Strengths & Skills
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Highlights of Achievements or Goals
  • Background Summary

Tips for Polishing Your Resume

The major way to polish your resume is you have to keep relevant information at the top of the resume, mention your career objective, use specific keywords of your job profile, and highlight your achievements in professional life, the resume should be concise, the resume format should be good, and free from any grammatical and typing mistakes.

1. Check Your Resume for Attractiveness, Suitability, Focused

Visuals make a different effect on the recruiter's mind so your resume should be visually very attractive, color, font size, and formatting should be very perfect. Don't use a multicolor and multi-font style, a poorly formatted resume makes a negative effect on the interviewer.

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2. Keep Important Elements at the beginning of your Resume

Recruiters and HR Managers not going to read your complete resume. So you have to mention your brief profile summary in two-three lines at the top that mentioned your job profile perfectly.

3. Modify Your Job/Work Descriptions According to Desire Job

If your previous job profile and desired job profile do not match exactly the same then you should highlight only those job experiences that are perfectly matched to the desired job profile. You should remove the irrelevant points from your resume.

4. Utilize Keywords and Place strategically that are mostly Searched

If you have a job profile on any job site you can easily see a section where you can search your desired job by skills like JAVA developer, data analyst, etc. So you also put such keywords in your resume so recruiters can also understand your key skills and expertise in the field.

5. Check and Fix Grammar, Spelling, Typos Errors

This is a very obvious but very important step of resume polishing. If your resume has lots of grammar, spelling, typing, and formatting errors are there then it makes a bad effect on the recruiter.  So proofreading is a compulsory step of your resume. If you are unable to solve it then you can take the help of experienced people also.

6. Be Specific and make Your Resume 2-3 pages

No one going to read your full resume until your resume is attractive in starting. If your resume is very attractive and fit for the recruiter then only it going to read your full resume. So don't make it like a book. Just keep all important information in only 2-3 pages.


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