Free Online MCQ Test Chemistry Class 11th Chapter wise with Answers

chemistry class 11 mcq with answers

Chemistry is an important subject that is very important for every student to learn whether he/she wants to make a career in Engineering or the Medical sector. Mock Test Master CBSE Chemistry class 11 MCQ with answers includes multiple objective questions related to the complete syllabus of the NCERT Chemistry book.

Our Chemistry subject experts prepared a variety of multiple-choice objective-type questions on some basic concepts of Chemistry Class 11 MCQ with answers that would be very beneficial for students who are going for their semester exam, and competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, etc.

CBSE Class 11th Chemistry NCERT book has fourteen chapters that elaborate briefly on some basic concepts of Chemistry subject topics. Chemistry is the study of matter's chemical properties, and what constitutes matter elements and compounds. Students learn about the behavior of matter, atoms, molecules, and ions.

Books For Reading: Class 11 Chemistry 

Students can practice the free MCQ questions for class 11 Chemistry chapter-wise unlimited times. For solving these free online mock tests on some basic concepts of chemistry class 11 MCQ with answers there is no sign-up, mobile number, email id required, no registration required, no payment, no credit card details, etc. required.

To solve chapter-wise chemistry class 11 MCQs with answers you just click on the desired chapter button and the quiz will be started and you can check your knowledge level in that chapter. In this way, you can very quickly revise class 11 and complete Chemistry chapters very smartly in a few minutes.

Our subject experts prepared these objective types of multiple-choice questions with the help of subject experts with maintaining fully the accuracy and latest NCERT Chemistry syllabus according to the CBSE Board

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Features of Free Online Chemistry MCQs for Class 11

All these chemistry MCQs with answers are prepared by the subject experts and properly checked to provide quality and accuracy of the questions.

There are a minimum of 15-20 MCQ questions available in each of the chapters that students have to solve. Some chapters may include more objective questions with answers according to the importance of the chapter. Chapter-wise MCQs of Chemistry cover all important topics of the chapter.

Once you start the solving MCQs mock test on the Chemistry particular chapter you have to complete it all there is no question skipping option. If you want then please wait up to one minute and when the time-up answer will display and the next question will come.

You can see the correct answer in green color and the incorrect answer in red color after selecting an option. When you completed the chemistry chapter mock test then you can see your final result in percentage, and in marks.

If you want to practice it again then just click on the Start Again button and the chapter quiz again started. If you want to solve the next chapter's questions then you should click on the Go to Home button and from here you can select the particular chapter that you want to solve.

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Class 11th Chemistry NCERT Book Chapters

Here we listed the NCERT class11th Chemistry books chapter names completely. There are two books in Class 11 for chemistry that have a total of 14 chapters and each book has seven chapters. These mock tests on the chemistry chapters will help to learn it very interactively.

Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 2 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 3 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 4 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 5 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 8 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 9 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 10 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 12 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 13 MCQs
Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 14 MCQs

Chemistry MCQs for class 11 Chapter wise with Answers

CBSE Class 11th Chemistry Mock Test Paper is strictly based on the syllabus of the NCERT book. There are no other books or reference books required to solve these MCQ questions. All MCQ questions are taken from the NCERT Books that contain major topics of the chapter syllabus.

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Disclaimer: All Chemistry class 11 MCQs with answers are prepared carefully with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping. 

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