Multiple Choice Questions for Community Psychology with Answers

MCQs on Community Psychology

Community psychology focuses on the group psychology of the community, not an individual's nature. Its main aim is to understand the functions of a community like the quality of a person's life, and behavior within organizations, communities, and society.

Community Psychology is a very deep understanding topic on which lots of students do study at the PG level. To help them we prepared MCQs on Community Psychology on the various important topics that are asked in the various exams.

Multiple Choice Questions about Community Psychology would be based on and prepared from the various famous books on Community Psychology such as Introduction to Community Psychology by Leonard A. Jason; Olya Glantsman; Jack F. O'Brien; and Kaitlyn N. Ramian, Handbook of Community Psychology Edited by Julian Rappaport and Edward Seidman, etc.

Psychology Community MCQ questions are designed at basic to advance levels so candidates can check their knowledge by solving these Community Psychology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.

Books For Reading: Community Psychology

MCQs on Community Psychology Syllabus

There are lots of books and lots of topics covered in the different Community Psychology books by different authors but here we prepared the Multiple Choice Questions for Community Psychology with Answers to the following listed topics that are the broader area of the subject.

  • The Aims of Community Research
  • What Defines Community?
  • The Fundamentals of Community Psychology
  • Methods of Community Psychology Research
  • Concepts, frameworks, stores, and maps
  • People in context: empirically grounded constructs
  • Intervention strategies, tactics, and Social systems
  • Design, assessment, and analytic methods
  • Cross-cutting perspectives and professional issues
  • Contemporary Intersections with community psychology
  • The Development and Practice of Community Psychology
  • Understanding Individuals within Environments
  • Understanding Human Diversity in Context
  • Empowerment and Citizen Participation
  • Understanding Stress and Coping in Context
  • Key Concepts in the Science of Prevention and Promotion
  • Implementing Prevention and Promotion Programs
  • Program Development, Evaluation, and Improvement
  • Improving Society Through Community Action
  • Emerging Challenges and Opportunities: Shifting Perspective to Promote Change

Benefits of MCQs on Community Psychology

  • By solving Psychology community MCQ questions and answers candidates can revise the whole syllabus in a very short period and practice.
  • MCQs on Community Psychology are prepared in a very interactive quiz format that would be very easy to solve with a timer.
  • This MCQ mock test on Community Psychology will test your knowledge of how much you grasped the issues community psychologists focus on.

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Disclaimer: All Multiple Choice Questions for Community Psychology with Answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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