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This Marine Engineering Online MCQs Test is dedicated to all Marine Engineers and students. This MCQ online mock test includes objective-type questions with a variety of categories such as biological, chemical, physical, or geological topics related to the oceans, estuaries, Great Lakes, etc. These MCQs on Marine Engineering are very helpful for the engineering students of marine science who are pursuing the course and also for those who are giving competitive exams on it.

Marine Engineers after completing the course eligible to join jobs related to marine like the construction of ships, maintenance of ships, etc., and can also join the Navy force. So getting knowledge about marine-related things is very useful for the candidates. This mock test on marine engineering MCQ questions will be very helpful for candidates.

A ship is designed with an eye toward its intended use. It should be able to carry cargo efficiently, provide shelter for passengers and crew, and withstand rough weather. Ships also need to be safe, so they must meet certain standards regarding stability, strength, and fire resistance.

The candidate will get ready for the marine engineering exams by studying these topics. Marine engineers design ships, submarines, and other vessels that operate in salt water. They must understand how to build and maintain equipment used on board the ship.

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Online Mock Test Rules

  • These are more than 50 MCQs on the Marine Engineering general topics that are normally asked in various exams.
  • There is a one-minute time limit for each question so you have to solve it within the time limit.
  • There are four choices for each question and you have to select the right option. If you select the wrong option then the box will turn in red and for the right answer, the box will turn in green.

Marine Engineering Online MCQs Mock Test

  • Marine Engineering Online MCQs Test
  • Topic Wise Quiz Test
  • The questions are given in English language only
  • You will get 60 seconds to answer each question.
  • Know your score when the test is complete

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Disclaimer: All Marine Engineering online test multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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