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Innovation and entrepreneurship course

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation, business models, and entrepreneurship play crucial roles in driving growth and success.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship course offered by NPTEL platform by IIT-Roorkee for the students of M.B.A., M.Tech, M.Des, and working professionals who want to use innovation as a strategic tool. All leading companies in the area of R&D, technology and business incubators, and start-ups, looking for candidates who are experts in this field.

Here we prepared MCQs on Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship course weekly assignments that will be very helpful for the students who are pursuing Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses from NPTEL or from any other platform or from business schools. Students who are looking for innovation and entrepreneurship MCQs, innovation MCQs with answers will easily get solutions here.

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Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship course is freely available on the NPTEL website for all students. This course is very nicely presented by Prof. Rajat Agrawal and Prof. Vinay Sharma. Both are professors at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship MCQs are based on assignment questions and answers of various years that are asked weekly during the course pursuing. These free online mock tests on MCQs on Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship will be very helpful to students who want to get the certificate from NPTEL or other platforms.

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Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus

This is an 8-week course that has 40 lectures with 8 assignments that students have to submit timely every week. The syllabus of this Innovation and Entrepreneurship course is designed to give an in-depth understanding of various aspects of innovation, creativity, evolving business models, incubation, and entrepreneurship. The course blue ocean strategy and technology incubation, the Role of IPR and IP Management in innovation management, and its Applications in different spheres of development and growth. The week-wise detailed lecture topics are given below.

  • Week 1: Analyzing the Current Business Scenario, Innovation, and Creativity- An Introduction, Innovation in Current Environment, Types of Innovation, School of Innovation.
  • Week 2:Challenges of Innovation, Steps of Innovation Management, Idea Management System, Divergent V/s Convergent Thinking, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship
  • Week 3: Experimentation in Innovation Management, Idea Championship, Participation for Innovation, Co-creation for Innovation, Prototyping to Incubation.
  • Week 4: What is a Business Model, Who is an Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneurship, Blue Ocean Strategy-I, Blue Ocean Strategy-II.
  • Week 5: Marketing of Innovation, Technology Innovation Process, Technological Innovation Management Planning, Technological Innovation Management Strategies, Technology Forecasting.
  • Week 6: Sustainability Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Innovation Sustainable Conditions, Innovation: Context and Pattern, SME’S strategic involvement in sustainable development, Exploration of business models for material efficiency services
  • Week 7: Management of Innovation, creation of IPR, Management of Innovation, creation of IPR, Types of IPR, Patents, and Copyrights, Patents in India
  • Week 8: Business Models and value proposition, Business Model Failure: Reasons and Remedies, Incubators: Business Vs Technology, Managing Investors for Innovation, Future Markets and Innovation Needs for India.

Benefits of Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship MCQs

All Innovation and Entrepreneurship course MCQs are based on the core syllabus given on the NPTEL website. But Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship are very common subject topics in Management and business studies, and Technical fields, and NPTEL also offers many courses on Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship topics separately so innovation MCQs, entrepreneurship MCQs, and business model MCQs which is included in this mock test will be also helpful for the other courses.

After solving the Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship assignment MCQs with answers students will become familiar with which type of questions will be asked in the final certificate course examination and they could solve the questions very confidently in the exam.

There is no registration or sign-up required on our website to solve the innovation and entrepreneurship MCQ questions. All MCQs are prepared in a very interactive Quiz format that is easy to solve for the students.

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Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Innovation, Business Models, and Entrepreneurship are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typo error.

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