Civil Services -The Best Career Options

why you want to pursue civil services as a career option

Everyone today wants to crack the UPSC exam due to lots of features facilities and job options, candidates want to pursue civil services as a career option. In this article, we will discuss in brief the civil services its benefits, and the types of jobs available after successfully passing it.

Choosing the right career option at the right stage of life is one of the most important decisions every one of us has to take. Correct decision-making, a systematic plan for achieving the career goal, and its proper implementation is the key to professional success.

Analysis of all the available career options guides you to choose the best career option for your better future. An aspiring Indian youth with practical thinking about professional life desires a job that will give him an adequate salary, name, fame, and job security over a period of time.

Traditionally followed, prestigious job options like- becoming a doctor or an engineer or a chartered accountant, or a management graduate might fulfill the above-mentioned name, fame, money, and job security expectations from a job, but civil services is a unique career option that does not only fulfill these basic expectations from a job but also empowers you to `touch a million lives’ of the people through your job.

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Civil services, as a career option, has the unique distinction of providing a larger canvas to work in public life. It provides you an opportunity of contributing to the welfare of society as well as gives you a respectable social identity. After being selected through the most prestigious UPSC examinations, you are posted as a District Collector or a Superintendent of Police or an Income Tax Commissioner and so many other Class I Gazetted officer appointments, where on day to day basis, you have a tremendous scope to work for the welfare of the society. It is the Indian constitution and governance system of our country that gives you the authority to perform your duties towards the neediest and downtrodden section of society.

Through your daily work, you not only touch the lives of millions of the poor in society but also make positive changes in their lives through your administrative actions. If the Indian Constitution has entrusted you with the authority then it is meant for acting as an agent of social change through the proper implementation of various Government schemes as well as various acts and laws.

Many times, in your career as a civil servant, you may come across a situation where you are equated with God as you have brought those positive changes in the lives of the poorest section of society, and additionally, you are also being handsomely paid by Government, the salary and other perks and privileges of a Class I Government gazette officer.

Another important aspect of dedicating your full energies towards cracking the civil services examination is the nature and process of preparation for this exam itself. As a graduate or a post-graduate of any stream, you acquire limited knowledge o a specific subject only. Considering the vast nature of the civil services examination syllabus encompassing various subjects like history, geography, economics, polity, science & technology, and international relations a mental aptitude-your mind develops in such a manner that you become the jack of all trades.

Career Opportunities in Civil Services

After clearing the UPSC exam there are three forms of jobs available for the candidates. Candidates, who get higher rank can select desired types of jobs as per preference. These three broad categories are listed below.

  1. All India Civil Services
  2. Group A Services or Central Services
  3. Group B Services or State Services

1. All India Civil Services Jobs List

  • Indian Administrative Service or IAS
  • Indian Police Service or IPS

2. List of Group A Services by UPSC

  • Indian Foreign Service or IFS
  • Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service
  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service
  • Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise)
  • Indian Defence Accounts Service
  • Indian Revenue Service (I.T.) or IRS
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (Assistant Works Manager, Administration)
  • Indian Postal Service
  • Indian Civil Accounts Service
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service
  • Indian Railway Protection Force (Assistant Security Commissioner)
  • Indian Defence Estates Service
  • Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)
  • Indian Trade Service, Group 'A' (Gr. III)
  • Indian Corporate Law Service

3. List of Group - B Services

  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Section Officer's Grade)
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Civil Service
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service
  • Pondicherry Civil Service
  • Pondicherry Police Service


If your dream is to get a secure government job that has everything power, money, respect, and reputation in society then a civil services job is best for you.

It is an idol, a career that provides you to power to do something positive and contribute to society. But there is a limited seat and it a very tough job to secure a top rank in this exam so there is very hard work is required.

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