How to Get Good Marks in Competitive Exams

how to get good marks in competitive exams

Today there are lots of competitive entrance exams conducted for scholars and students to study or get jobs. Exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, CSIR-NET, UPSC, SSC, etc. are conducted to check your true potential.

Nowadays competition is very tough and securing a sure seat in a job or in admission becomes tough. Everyone has a shortage of time so what are the right strategies that we have to follow to score good marks in competitive exams.

With regular study and practice, One-month preparation is good enough for getting good marks in any examination. This one month will decide whether you are qualified or not. Use this one-month time duration very efficiently. We will bring you tips and tricks to get good marks in exams from the toppers of various exams.

Paying attention to the weaker areas and practicing as much as you can is essential for every student to prepare well for the exam. Although, the toppers follow others’ guidelines too. Follow the given below success sutras from none other than the toppers mouth itself.

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Top Tips to Get Good Marks in Competitive Exams

There are lots of tips to score good marks in competitive exams but we selected only the top ones that are already followed by the toppers and they are already toppers of various exams. We collected tips from the toppers of the various exams and what tips and tricks they followed to secure good marks in exams.

  • Always follow what your mentor suggests and teach.
  • While studying always focus only on your studies rather than thinking about clearing cut-off marks for the exam like most students do.
  • Always enjoy what you study.
  • Never take studies as a burden because a burden always gives you pressure and stress in your mind and sometimes it will break the person.
  • Always enjoy your preparation process.
  • Always focus on Step by Step chapter-wise preparations and do not deviate from the syllabus.
  • Daily do 5-6 hours of self-study.
  • Study regularly.
  • Concentration is the key to success.
  • Study as much as you can but practice also what you study.
  • Revise what you study regularly.
  • Be cool and calm. Do not worry about future insecurities.
  • If you do your work sincerely and with full concentration, you will get the result easily.
  • Always focus on your weak areas.
  • Always focus on the important points.
  • Do not hurry for solving the problems, understand the basics first then move on to solving problems.
  • Always avoid silly mistakes and calculation mistakes in the exam.
  • First, build the basics starting 10-15 days in one month of preparation.
  • Practice as many mock tests as you can in the last 15-20 days in the last month of preparation. Practice through CA CPT online mock test series to identify your weak areas and strong areas in all subjects.
  • Always make your own notes while studying which helps you in the revision from the previous day of the exam and you feel confident about your preparation.
  • Always give equal weightage to all subjects.
  • Always be regular with your studies at coaching and at home. It will help you to clear your subject’s fundamentals.
  • Always try to do not to waste time, because time management is very important at this stage.
  • Revise whatever you studied. I studied 8 hours a day except for attending the coaching classes.
  • Put all your focus and energy into clearing this exam. Cool-minded handle the stress and pressure of studies.
  • Also, take out time for other extra-curricular activities too. It will help you to overcome stress.
  • Do not focus on getting a first or second rank in an exam because targets make you sometimes feel stressed and it is difficult to focus on your studies when you are stressed.
  • Do not leave any topic in each subject because each topic is important to us to score good marks in the examination.

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Tips to Get Marks During Exams

During exam time due to some silly mistakes, students lose their very precious marks so to avoid these mistakes students should follow the following tips.

  • Read the written instructions mentioned on the exam paper very carefully
  • Don’t stick to any question, leave it and move further.
  • Don’t just guess, keep it for last when you have no option.
  • Solving extra questions does not give you extra marks so don’t attempt extra questions.
  • Revisit your answers and confirm their answers if you have time.


There are lots of tricks and tips but following only the best one that is suitable for you will be good. Every competitive and entrance exam has different strategies to crack them so follow only those tips and tricks that are best suited to you. 


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