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Electricity Class 10 MCQ Online Test is prepared from the CBSE Board NCERT Science Chapter 12 to practice and revise the whole syllabus quickly. This class 10 Electricity MCQs mock test will also be very useful for those who are preparing for PSU or competitive exams. Chapter 12 Electricity MCQs Free Online Test prepared for the first-semester board examination for students who are in class 10th. 

There is a variety of PSU or competitive exams organized every year like SSC, Railway Group C, and D, etc. that asks for basic electrical MCQs based on the Class 10 Science Electricity Chapter which is the part of Physics subject in further classes.  Mock Test Master's Free Online Electricity MCQ class 10 chapter 12 is prepared using previous years' board examination questions that are already asked in the previous years.

This completely Free Online MCQ on the Electricity class 10 MCQ with answers mock test is very useful for class10th CBSE board exams and also helpful for pass-out students who are preparing for PSU job exams because maths and science are the common subjects in various government or PSU job exams like Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Police, Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Banking, etc.

The Electricity class 10 MCQ online test is in the quiz format and very interactive for users and easy to solve. We hope our Quiz based class 10 science Chapter 12 MCQ online test with answers would be useful for all of you. If you liked our electricity class 10 MCQ questions and answers online test then share it with your classmates or friends to help them also.

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Topics of Class 10 Science Chapter 12 MCQs Free Online Test

NCERT Science Book of Class 10th Chapter 12 Electricity is a very important chapter of the Physics section and various questions asked in the CBSE Board Class 10 both-term examinations.

NCERT Science Book Chapter 12 Electricity, is all about the importance of Electricity in our modern society. It is a controllable and convenient form of energy for a variety of uses in our homes, schools, hospitals, industries, farms, etc.

Students will learn in this chapter how a stream of electrons moving through a conductor constitutes an electric current. The direction of the current, the direction of the flow of electrons, and the unit of electric current. Electricity laws, resistance properties, the flow of current, conductor, etc.

Salient Features of Free Online Class 10 Science Chapter 12 MCQs

CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity Free Online MCQ Mock Test is prepared by the Mock Test Master Team subject experts. Students will get more than 50 electricity multiple choice questions with answers in the mock test or quiz that students to practice free of cost for unlimited time. After practicing these basic electricity MCQ questions students can easily evaluate their knowledge level.

This Online free mock test with a time limit per question is one minute. After one minute, the right answer would be shown in a green color box. If you selected any of the options within the time limit then the question is marked as un-attempted. The correct answer box will turn in Green color and the wrong answer in red color.

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Electricity class 10 MCQ online test final results will be shown after the final submission of the mock test and it will be in percentages and marks that give details on how many questions you attempted, how much your answers were right, and how many answers were wrong.

Mock Test Master Website does not store users' data so we did not provide results by email. Our online mock tests are completely 100% free for the students, we did not require Sign-up, Login, or Registration procedures. We also do not need any user's mobile number or email address to solve these questions.

Students can solve these questions any time when they are free on any platform like mobile, laptop, computer, etc. unlimited times without paying money.  To practice or re-test the mock test you have to just click on the Start Again button and the mock test will start again.

Mock Test Master is the best free website to practice online Mock Tests and practice sets on the NCERT Books. We prepared a complete MCQ mock test on the CBSE Class 10th chapter 12 Periodic Table MCQ questions and answers that students should practice.

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Disclaimer: All NCERT Class 10th multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of mistyping.

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