NPTEL Total Quality Management MCQs with Answers

total quality management mcq with answers

Total Quality Management multiple-choice questions are based on the NPTEL Total Quality Management -1 course which is offered by the IIT Kanpur Prof. Raghunandan Sengupta. The Total Quality Management course at NPTEL in two parts Total Quality Management -1 and Total Quality Management -2 and both course is offered by the same professor.

Here we include all important questions that are asked in the various assignments of the NPTEL Total Quality Management-1 course. So learners who pursue or want to pursue Total Quality Management can practice the already asked Total Quality Management MCQ with answers in a very interactive quiz format within the time limit.

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The Total Quality Management course (TQM-I) covers topics like TQM, Kaizen, Elementary concepts related to quality assurance, Process Capability, SPC, Acceptance Sampling, Basic Statistical Concepts and Control of Accuracy, and Precision, and Quality Management Systems, ISO 9000, etc.

The Total Quality Management course focuses on process improvement and variation reduction. TQM is used to improve the quality of the system, product, or process that strives for near perfection. Total Quality Management specific tools and techniques that are used by the top management for improvement in quality standards of an industry or company.

Total Quality Management is the most important subject of management and is compulsory studied in the Total Quality Management and Operation Management course of the MBA Degree. There are post-graduate degrees like MSc and MBA in Total Quality Management also offered by various universities and institutes. TQM courses are also available in diploma and certificate courses by various universities and institutes.

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NPTEL Total Quality Management Course Layout

The NPTEL Total Quality Management course is designed with a practical orientation and includes cases, industry examples, and software applications. The TQM course is very useful for manufacturing and service industry professionals and University students so every year lots of fresh new learners enrolled in this course on the NPTEL platform. The content of Total Quality Management is beneficial and fully applicable to both the manufacturing and service industries.

The Total Quality Management-1 course offered by NPTEL is an 8-week certificate course in which students have to submit 8 assignments per week that contain MCQs on Total Quality Management topics studied by the student every week.

Week-1 Introduction to Total Quality Management

  • Quality and its Dimensions
  • Quality and Variability
  • History of Quality Control
  • Management Aspects of Quality - I
  • Management Aspects of Quality – II

Week 2-Introduction to Total Quality Management - II

  • Introduction to Concepts of Probability
  • Six Sigma Overview
  • DMAIC for Problem Solving
  • DMAIC examples and DMADV
  • Quality Improvement

Week 3-Tools for Quality Assurance

  • 7 Old Tools for Quality Assurance
  • 7 New Tools for Quality Assurance
  • CPM, PDPC, and Introduction to House of Quality
  • Building the House of Quality
  • Introduction to Acceptance Sampling

Week 4 - Acceptance Sampling and Brief Introduction to R

  • The Operating Characteristic Curve
  • The OC curve and Sampling Plans
  • Double Sampling
  • Sequential Sampling, Military Standard, and Introduction to R
  • Basic Understanding of R and Introduction to Control Charts

Week 5 - Control Charts for Variables

  • Basics of X bar and R chart
  • Usage of X bar chart and R chart
  • Variable Sample Size in X bar and R chart
  • Patterns in Charts
  • S chart and OC curve

Week 6 - Control Charts for Attributes

  • S square chart and MR chart
  • Attribute charts- The p chart
  • np control chart
  • Estimating control limits with varying sample size
  • OC curve, c, and u charts

Week 7 - Process Capability Analysis and ISO 9000 Basics

  • u, g, and h chart
  • Introduction to Process Capability Analysis
  • PCR calculation and Gauge Capability

Week 8: Quality Management Systems, ISO 9000

  • Introduction to ISO 9000

Benefits of Total Quality Management MCQ with Answers

Total Quality Management MCQ - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers mock test has more than 100+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers that are especially focused on all the important topics of the Total Quality Management course. If students or learners practice these MCQs then they can easily qualify for the Total Quality Management NPTEL exams, and other degrees, diploma courses with Interviews, online tests, quizzes, MCQ tests, viva-voce, various contests, etc. related to Total Quality Management. These MCQs have theoretical concepts and numerical-oriented MCQs.

Books For Reading: Total Quality Management

This course is very useful for students of MBA, MA in Economics, Statistics/Mathematics, M. Tech in Industrial Engineering, MBA in Operations Research or Operations Management, and Ph.D. in related fields as mentioned above. TQM is used in all service, manufacturing industries, government departments, and private industries also.

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Disclaimer: All NPTEL Total Quality Management MCQs questions and answers are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of mistyping.

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