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Mensuration is a very important topic in the Maths and Geometry chapters. All students from class 6 to competitive exams have to study the Mensuration topic to solve the questions asked on this topic. There are lots of questions asked in competitive exams and PSU exams related to the Mensuration topic. So we prepare many Mensuration MCQ questions with answers that are very useful for everyone.

We have provided Mensuration MCQ for competitive exam questions with answers to help students who are preparing for competitive exams. Here we define in brief, what are Mensuration and calculation formulas for the various geometrical shapes. These formulas will be very useful during solving our Mensuration MCQ online test.

Mensuration MCQs online test is available for students free of cost there is no payment or registration required. These Mensuration multiple-choice questions are prepared by subject experts, according to the CBSE board maths books syllabus that included other completive exams asked questions also. Practice Mensuration MCQs online test will increase your skills in the Mensuration topic of maths.

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All Basic Mensuration Formulas to Solve Mensuration MCQs

All these basic Mensuration formulas are taken from the NCERT maths class textbooks which are very common and can be found easily in the geometry section of the maths books of classes 8 to 12. Here we listed some of the basic formulas that will be helpful to solve the Mensuration MCQs online test.

1. Mensuration Formulas for Rectangle

  • Area of Rectangle = Length (l) × Breadth (b)
  • Perimeter = 2(l+b)
  • Length of the Diagonal = √ (l² + b²)

2. Mensuration Formulas for Square

  • Area = (Length) ²
  • Perimeter = 4 × Length
  • Length of the Diagonal = √2 × Length

3. Mensuration Formulas for Parallelogram

  • Area of a Parallelogram = Length (l) × Breadth (b)
  • Perimeter of a Parallelogram = 2 × (l + b)
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4. Mensuration Formulas for Triangle

  • Area of a triangle= (1/2) (Base × Height) = (1/2) (b × h)
  • For a triangle with sides measuring a, b, and c, respectively:
  • Perimeter = a + b + c
  • s = semi perimeter = perimeter/2 = (a+b+c)/2
  • Area of Triangle, A= √(𝑠𝑎)(𝑠𝑏)(𝑠𝑐)
  • (This is also known as “Heron’s formula”)
  • Area of isosceles triangle =𝑏/4 √4𝑎² − 𝑏²
  • (Where a = length of two equal sides, b = length of the base of the isosceles triangle.)
  • Area of an equilateral triangle =√ (3/4) 𝑎²
  • (Where a = side of an equilateral triangle)

Right angle Triangle

  • Area =1/2(Base x Height)
  • Perimeter = Base + Height + Diagonal

Isosceles Right Angle Triangle

  • Area = 1/2. a²
  • Perimeter = 2a+d

5. Mensuration Formulas for Trapezium

  • Area = (1/2) × (distance between parallel sides) × (sum of parallel sides)  
  • Area = 1/2h (a+b)
  • Perimeter = Sum of All Sides

6. Mensuration Formulas for Rhombus

  • Area = (1/2) ×Product of diagonals
  • Area = d1 x d2/2
  • Perimeter = 4 × l
  • (Where l = length of a side)

7. Mensuration Formulas for Circle and Semicircle

  • Area of Circle = πr²= (πd²)/4
  • Circumference of Circle = 2πr = πd
  • Circumference of a semicircle = πr
  • Area of semicircle = (πr²)/2
  • Length of an arc = (2πrθ)/360
  • Area of a sector = (1/2) × (length of arc) × r = (πr²θ)/360
  • Where, r = radius, d = diameter of the circle, θ = central angle in degrees

8. Mensuration Formulas for Cuboid

  • Total surface area = 2 (lb + bh + lh)
  • Length of diagonal = √ (l²+b²+h²)
  • Volume = l × b × h
  • Where, l = length, b = breadth and h = height

9. Mensuration Formulas for Cube

  • Volume of cube = a³
  • Total surface area of cube = 6a²
  • Length of Leading Diagonal of Cube = a√3
  • Where, a = side of a cube

10. Mensuration Formulas for Cone

  • Slant height = l =√ (h²+r²)
  • Curved surface area of a cone = C = π × r × l
  • Total surface area = π × r × (r + l)
  • Volume of right circular cone =1/3 πr²h
  • Where, r = radius of the base, l = slant height of the cone, and h = perpendicular height of the cone from base

11. Mensuration Formulas for Cylinder

  • Curved surface area = 2πrh
  • Total surface area = 2πr(r + h)
  • Volume of a cylinder = πr²h
  • Where, r = radius of base, h = height of cylinder

12. Mensuration Formulas for Sphere

  • Surface area = 4πr² = πd²
  • Volume = (4/3) πr³ = (1/6) πd³
  • Where, r = radius of sphere, d = diameter of sphere

13. Mensuration Formulas for Hemisphere

  • Volume = (2/3) πr³
  • Curved surface area = 2πr²
  • Total surface area = 3πr²
  • Where, r = radius of sphere

14. Mensuration Formulas for Hollow Cylinder

  • Volume of hollow cylinder = πh (R²– r²)
  • (Where, R = radius of cylinder, r = radius of cavity, h = height of cylinder)

15. Mensuration Formulas for Frustum of a Right Circular Cone

  • Slant height =l=√ (h²+(R-r)²)
  • Curved surface area = π(R + r) l
  • Total surface area = π(R + r) l + π (R² + r²)
  • Volume = (1/3) πh (R²+r²+Rr)
  • Where, R = radius of the base of the frustum, r = radius of the top of the frustum,
  • h = height of the frustum, l = slant height of the frustum

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Mensuration MCQs online test is prepared for the students of CBSE board students of class 6 to 12 and candidates who are giving the competitive exam for government jobs like SBI Clerk, ISBP PO, SBI Clerk, SSC, Railway exams, etc. This online test is best for the Mensuration MCQs practice. These Mensuration MCQ questions with answers are very helpful for competitive exams. Students can practice this free online test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Mensuration. Each MCQs Questions has four options if you select the correct option box will turn green and the wrong answer box turns in red in color.

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