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probability mcq class 10

Probability is a most interesting topic in Maths that is now very popular and used in various sectors like statistics, science, management, Six Sigma, finance, gambling, artificial intelligence, software design, weather prediction, machine learning, computer science, software design, game theory, etc.

Almost in every competitive exam probability, MCQ is asked. So we prepared the probability MCQ class 10 online test for candidates. But in high-level exams, MCQ on probability comes from the class 12 or upper-class level and also includes the topics like conditional probability, Monty Hall problem, experimental probability, joint probability, marginal probability, posterior probability, subjective probability, etc.

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This Probability MCQ online test includes questions related to Class 10 Maths Probability and from higher class probability topics that are commonly asked in competitive exams. There are lots of MCQ questions asked related to the Probability that candidates have to solve in very limited time in the examination hall so practicing these Probability MCQ questions with answers will be very useful for everyone.

The probability MCQ for competitive exam questions with answers has more than 100 objective questions that include almost every topic-related MCQ. Here we have given in brief, Probability formulas for the various conditions. These formulas will be helpful in solving our Probability MCQ online test. Our Probability MCQs online tests are available for students free of cost there is no payment or registration required.

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Basic Probability Formulas to Solve Probability MCQs

All these basic Probability formulas are taken from the NCERT maths class textbooks and maths books of classes 8 to 12. Here we listed some of the basic formulas that will be helpful to solve the Probability MCQs online test.

In simple terms, the probability is the chance of the occurrence of an event. So for event A, the probability of A is...

  • P (A) = (No. of ways A can occur) / (Total no. of possible outcomes)
  • P (A) = n (A)/n(S)
Where P (A) = probability of an event “A”
n (A) = number of favorable outcomes of A
n (S) = total number of events in the sample space

  • Probability Range                              0 ≤ P (A) ≤ 1
  • Rule of Addition                                P (AB) = P (A) + P (B) – P (A∩B)
  • Rule of Complementary Events        P (A’) + P (A) = 1
  • Disjoint Events                                  P (A∩B) = 0
  • Independent Events                           P (A∩B) = P (A) * P (B)
  • Conditional Probability                     P (A | B) = P (A∩B) / P (B)
  • Bayes Formula                                  P (A | B) = P (B | A) * P (A) / P (B)

Where A and B are two events

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MCQs on Probability Online Test Topics

This Probability MCQs online test is best for the practice of Probability questions with answers. This online test includes the Probability MCQs on conditional probability, experimental probability, independent events, joint probability, empirical probability, binomial probability, the probability of an impossible event, etc.

  • A uniform distribution
  • Conditional Probabilities and Independence
  • The exclusion–inclusion formula
  • Random Variables and Their Distribution
  • Operations on Random Variables
  • The binomial, Poisson, and geometric distributions
  • Chebyshev’s and Markov’s inequalities
  • Branching processes

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Salient Features of MCQs on Probability

Probability MCQs online test for competitive exams is prepared for candidates who are giving the competitive exam for government jobs like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, ISBP PO, SSC, Railway exams, NDA, etc., and other entrance exams for admission in various high-level degree courses.

All MCQs on Probability are very helpful for competitive exams. This is a completely free online test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Probability.

There is only one minute given to solve each and every question so the candidate has to solve the question within the time limit. After time-up and the question will mark un-attempted.

These MCQs on probability with answers are completely free of cost for students there is no payment required to solve these questions. Candidates can solve these MCQs online test without registration and by giving their mobile or email id.

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Disclaimer: All Probability MCQs online tests for competitive exams with answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of mistyping.

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