Multiple Choice Questions Based on MSIHC Rules 1989

Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989

Manufacture, Storage, and Import of Hazardous Chemicals (MSIHC) Rules, 1989 are very important and must be followed by every chemical industry. These rules are implemented by the Ministry of Environment & Forests through the Department of Environment, Forests, and Wildlife. Every chemical factory inspector must be known MSIHC Rules, 1989. So we prepared Multiple Choice Questions Based on MSIHC Rule, 1989. This will be very helpful to check how much they know about the MSIHC Rule, 1989.

These MCQs of MSIHC Rule, 1989 are prepared from the official government documents available on the official websites. So if the candidates are looking for the MSIHC Rule, 1989 exam questions and answers then it will best one for them. We prepared it like a Frequently Asked Questions on MSIHC Rules, 1989 that have multiple choice questions to solve which makes it very interactive for the candidates to learn it very interactively.

Multiple Choice Questions Based on MSIHC Rules are very useful for the candidates who are preparing for the food and drug inspector, industrial safety inspector, or central or state pollution board job posts.

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MCQs of MSIHC Rule Content

MCQs of MSIHC Rule include multiple choice questions on the very important topics that must be known by the chemical factory inspector such as threshold quantity of hazardous chemicals, safety report as per schedule 8, hazardous chemical act, hazardous substances rules, flammable liquid storage rules India, chemical storage license India, chemical accident rules, etc.

The Manufacture, Storage, and Import of Hazardous Chemicals (MSIHC), Rules, 1989 comes under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Its objective is to prevent major accidents arising from industrial activities and limit the effects of such accidents. The MSIHC Rules, 1989 include 684 hazardous chemicals based on Toxicity, Flammability, and Explosiveness.

MSIHC Rules, 1989 also amended in the year 2000 as published as The Manufacture, Storage, and Import of Hazardous Chemical (Amendment) Rules, 2000.

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Online Mock Test on MSIHC Rules

These MCQs on the MSIHC Rules are like a free online mock test that will be very helpful to cross-check your knowledge level about the rules. There are more than 30 multiple-choice questions on MSIHC Rules that will you have to solve within the time limit.

To solve every question there are only one minute is allotted so solve each within the time limit for each question. There are four options for a question and you have to select the correct option. If you select the correct option then you will get one mark and for a wrong answer, there is no marks deduction.

MSIHC Rules 1989 Mock Test

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Disclaimer: All MSIHC Rules multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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