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The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a renowned manufacturing philosophy and operational methodology developed by Toyota Motor Corporation. It has become a global benchmark for efficient and streamlined production processes, setting the foundation for the concept of lean manufacturing.

Toyota Production System (TPS) online course is freely available on the NPTEL platform. It is very useful for students of management, Master's or Bachelor's degrees in areas of operations management, industrial engineering, and working professionals who want to use operations for competitive advantage and working professionals who are interested in knowing the best practices in operations.

Here we prepared MCQs on Toyota Production System course which is purely based on the weekly assignments of this course. Students will get here lean manufacturing exam questions and answers, pull system MCQs, quality management system MCQs, lean manufacturing quiz questions and answers, etc.

The NPTEL Toyota Production System course is offered by the IIT Roorkee on the Swayam platform for all students. This course is very nicely presented by Prof. Rajat Agrawal, who is a professor at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Toyota Production System MCQs are prepared from the questions asked during the weekly assignments. These free online mock tests on MCQs on Toyota Production System will be very helpful to students who want to get the certificate from NPTEL in Toyota Production System and also for those who are pursuing any management course.

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Toyota Production System Course Syllabus

This is an eight-week course that has forty lectures with eight assignments that students have to submit timely every week.  The syllabus of this Toyota Production System course covers various aspects of Toyota’s approach and will also focus to achieve sustainability through excellence in operations. This course will be highly useful for manufacturing organizations. Particularly companies such as Hero, Maruti, BHEL, Rockman, Bajaj, Tata, etc. The weekly detailed course content with lecture topics is given below.

Week 1:

  • (1) Manufacturing Excellence
  • (2) Global Environment
  • (3) Production System
  • (4) Operations Strategy
  • (5) The Heart of the TPS: Eliminating Waste

Week 2: 

  • (1) Principles of Toyota Way
  • (2) Culture Behind Toyota Way
  • (3) Toyota Way in Action
  • (4) Long-Term Philosophy
  • (5) Create Continuous Flow

Week 3: 

  • (1) Pull System
  • (2) Levelling Workload
  • (3) Get Quality Right the first time
  • (4) Standardization of Task
  • (5) Use of Visual Control

Week 4: 

  • (1) Use of Reliable Technology
  • (2) Role of Leaders in Manufacturing Philosophy
  • (3) Developing Exceptional Teams
  • (4) Challenge & Respect Extended Networks
  • (5) See yourself to understand the situation

Week 5: 

  • (1) Developing decisions with Consensus
  • (2) Becoming Learning Organization
  • (3) Becoming a Learning Organization: Continuous Improvement
  • (4) Using Toyota Way for other Organization (Service & Technical)
  • (5) Lean Manufacturing

Week 6: 

  • (1) Lean Vs Agile Manufacturing
  • (2) Sustainable Manufacturing-I
  • (3) Sustainable Manufacturing-II
  • (4) Flexible Manufacturing System
  • (5) Benchmarking

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Week 7: 

  • (1) Cultural Issues in Lean
  • (2) Overview of Lean implementation
  • (3) Significance of Lead time
  • (4) Techniques to reduce LT
  • (5) Value Stream Mapping

Week 8: 

  • (1) KANBAN Approach
  • (2) KANBAN Calculation-I
  • (3) KANBAN Calculation-II
  • (4) Theory of Constraints
  • (5) Different Business Excellence Models

Benefits of Toyota Production System MCQs

All MCQs on Toyota Production System are based on the core syllabus given on the NPTEL website. But it also contains related topics MCQs such as lean manufacturing exam questions answers, quality management system MCQs, etc. All Toyota Production House MCQs are prepared in a very interactive free online mock test that will be very helpful for this and other courses also.

After solving the MCQs on Toyota Production House with question and answers students will become familiar with which type of questions will be asked in the final certificate course examination and they could solve the questions very confidently in the exam. On our website, there is no registration or sign-up required to attempt any of the mock test MCQ questions.


What is the Toyota Production System (TPS)?

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a manufacturing philosophy and operational methodology developed by Toyota Motor Corporation. It focuses on eliminating waste, promoting continuous improvement, and respecting people to achieve highly efficient and streamlined production processes.

What are the key principles of the Toyota Production System?

The key principles of the Toyota Production System include just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, kaizen (continuous improvement), respect for people, standardization and visual management, and the philosophy of "The Toyota Way." These principles guide the implementation and functioning of TPS in organizations.

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How does the Toyota Production System contribute to lean manufacturing?

The Toyota Production System serves as the foundation for lean manufacturing. It emphasizes the elimination of waste, such as overproduction, waiting time, defects, and excess inventory. By implementing TPS principles and practices, companies can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity.

What are some challenges in implementing the Toyota Production System?

Implementing the Toyota Production System can present challenges such as resistance to change, lack of employee engagement, difficulty in establishing a culture of continuous improvement, and the need for significant organizational and process changes. Overcoming these challenges requires strong leadership, proper training, and a commitment to long-term success.

Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Toyota Production System are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typo error.

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