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Roadmap for Patent Creation is a very important and multidisciplinary subject. The roadmap for patent creation is a step-by-step guide to developing and protecting your invention. It includes the multiple steps that technical background and law students must know how to get the patent and the exact procedure. MCQs on Roadmap for Patent Creation are based on the NPTEL assignment answers and are helpful for students who pursuing any Patent, or related course.

Students whether they are studying Science, Law, Management, or Engineering courses have to learn Patent Creation, which is an important topic in the IPR industry. So students who want to make a good career in Law Firms, LPOs, knowledge-based industries, etc. can pursue this Roadmap for Patent Creation course online for free at the NPTEL platform with IIT certification. 

The Roadmap for Patent Creation course is freely available online on the NPTEL website for anyone who is interested in Patent Creation. Professionals who are related to Law, science, pharmaceutical, engineering, and technical industries will really get benefits. This course is very nicely presented by Prof. Gouri Gargate, she is a Professor of the Department of Management at IIT Kharagpur.

MCQs on Roadmap for Patent Creation with answers are totally based on the Roadmap for Patent Creation NPTEL assignment answers. Here we included all eight weekly Roadmap for Patent Creation NPTEL assignment questions and answers in the very interactive MCQs quiz format that would be a good online mock test for students who are pursuing any patent, or related course.

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Roadmap for Patent Creation Course Syllabus

This is an 8-week course that has only 8 assignments that students have to submit timely. This course will help such intellectual minds to identify and protect their intellectual efforts, it has an introduction to one of the important types of intellectual property, patents, and theoretical and practical aspects of patenting activity.

The course is focused on the inventor/researcher perspective with the objective of how to generate a patent and provides various guidelines to the inventor/researcher to convert his research into a patent.

It includes various topics such as how to read a techno legal document, how to use patent data for research gap analysis, how to identify potential patents, how to plan the patent filing activity, how to interact with patent attorneys, how to use and maintain laboratory notebooks, and so on. The detailed weekly course content is given below.

  • Week 1: Introduction to patent: Definition, concepts, patentability
  • Week 2: Patentability Criteria: How do Identify whether my invention is patentable?
  • Week 3: How to read a patent document?
  • Week 4: Patentability check - various tools
  • Week 5: Procedure for patent filing
  • Week 6: Research/project Planning I
  • Week 7: Research/project Planning II
  • Week 8: Research/project Planning III

Benefits of Roadmap for Patent Creation MCQs

All MCQs on Roadmap for Patent Creation are based on the core syllabus given on the NPTEL website. But Patents are a very common topic in the IPR industry. This course is really helpful for those who want to know how to get a patent in India. Patent creation can be a complex process, but there are professionals who deal in the legal and IPR industry, and the patent office to help you. NPTEL also offers many courses on IPR or Patents related, some of them listed below.

So MCQs on Patent Laws, MCQs on Patent Creation, MCQs on Patent Drafting, etc. all are very helpful to students who are pursuing IPR-related courses. Patent Creation MCQs will be helpful to get the NPTEL certificate easily. After solving the MCQs on Patent Creation students will become familiar with which type of questions will be asked in the NPTEL online final certificate course examination and they could solve the questions very easily during the exam. We will suggest solving other NPTEL Patent-related courses MCQs also. At our site, we make almost MCQs question bank on the Patent topics so after solving all MCQs on Patent courses of NPTEL students will definitely benefit.

There is no registration or sign-up required to solve the patent MCQ questions. All MCQs on Patent Creation are prepared in a very interactive Quiz format that is easy to solve for the students.

Roadmap for Patent Creation Assignment Answers of 2020

Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Roadmap for Patent Creation are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typo error.

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