6 Step Plan to Choose a New Career Direction

6 step plan to choose a new career direction

Many times, we are not really sure what we want to become in life. And with the Indian education system, we do not get too many opportunities to explore ourselves. The result- we end up doing something that we don’t particularly enjoy. However, it is never too late to change.

If you have been feeling frustrated and bored of your current job or career, there is no harm in finding a new direction in life. However, you need to plan it in order to avoid further frustration. 

Here are 6 steps you need to pay attention for a smoother career transition:

1. Look at the exciting parts of your current job/career

There are always parts about our current job that we love. It could be meeting new people, opportunities for growth, opportunities for learning etc. List down the parts about your current career that you love. It will help you find a career that you will enjoy.

2. Look at the de-motivating factors

Look at the factors that frustrate and irritate you. Most of the times, it is monotony. However, there are other factors too. For example, if you are an introvert, you wouldn’t really enjoy going out and meeting new people. Similarly, if you are an extrovert, a desk job wouldn’t really motivate you. Looking at the de-motivating factors helps you learn about yourself.

3. Find a volunteering opportunity or part time work

You are starting a new career from scratch. Nobody would be willing to give you a job straightaway. In order to have better chances in the market, build some experience. You can always find part-time jobs or volunteering work in your chosen field. Do not shy away for doing work for free in the beginning. It is a part and parcel of finding a new career direction.

4. Build sufficient financial back-up

Since you are starting from scratch, you can expect to wait for a while before an opportunity comes your way. In order to avoid frustration, build a sound financial back-up. That ways, you won’t be in a rush to accept the first offer that comes your way. You can bide your time and make a good start to a new career.

5. Analyze your journey till date

It is important that you analyze your career path till date. It gives you vital clues to what you like and what you don’t. For example, frequent job changes because of commuting distance mean that proximity to home is a big factor for you when searching for a job. For others, variety in their schedule could be the thing they love the most.

6. Get to know people

Once you are clearer about your career direction, start to know people in the field. Online is a good place to start for that. Make a profile on LinkedIn and start connecting with relevant people. The network you build will help you in your job search in your chosen direction.


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