Multiple Intelligence Test


Multiple Intelligence test known as dermatoglyphics which is an ancient, global science . The ridges (rich count on finger) and patterns present on the fingerprints usually analyzed and studied. About 4000 years ago, people started identifying one’s personality and behavior using fingerprint analysis.

Science says after 13th weeks of gestation period the fingerprints start developing. Over the years, by many researches and thesis. Two people usually don’t have same fingerprints. After the fingerprints develop in a child it remains unchanged throughout the life.

Scientifically proved that fingerprints say many things about an individual. It describes about the behavior, personality, ability, inborn talent, multiple intelligence, emotional quotient, creativity quotient, intelligent quotient etc. Various fields uses Multiple Intelligence Test like medical, human research, psychological disorder, genetic disorder and many more.

In 1892, the famous English anthropologist Francis Galton published a book. It shares the methods of identifying the fingerprint types. They are called Whorl, Loop, Arch & Accidental.

Further, in 1926, Dr. Cummins, the father of Dermatoglyphics started a research on the same. Fingerprint analysis shows various signs of inborn talent.

Later, Multiple Intelligence theory (multiple intelligences test) . Howard Gardner, had introduce it in the field of Educational .


Fingerprint analysis is taken from 10 all the fingers of your hand. Dermatoglyphics test acts as a compass to identify 8 intelligence and human potential.  The Multiple intelligence is further converted into 8 intelligence. Let us take a glance at the 8 intelligence –

  1. Intra – Self-introspection, Self-talk, Praying God, Improving time management / Personality.
  2. Inter – Leadership ability, Thinking in the shoes of others, Public interaction etc.
  3. Logic – Man of numbers, Research, Analysis etc.
  4. Visual – (3D + 2D) It is broken down into 3D and 2D ability. Well 3D is thinking in 3 dimension, Lateral thinker and Strategic thinker like an architect designing a building structure. 2D is the color combination what suits better.
  5. Kinesthetics – It is divided into 2 sections – Fine motor & Gross motor. Fine motor means using limited parts of the body for example an activity like writing. Gross body means using the complete body i.e. action ability like exercising and dancing.
  6. Language – It is an ability to grasp new languages, having knowledge of multiple languages, good with grammar etc.
  7. Music – An individual is always interested in learning an instrument.
  8. Naturalist – This one is the most noteworthy as it helps to understand the ability of a person having connection with food, nature, sea, garden etc.

Intelligence test

In late 1920’s, Dr. William Moulton Marston a psychologist and an anthropologist developed a DISC profile. After the intense study of thousands of personalities and human behavior he submitted his thesis. Human personality is divided into 4 categories, and they are – DISC

D- Dominant, I- Influential, S- Steady, C- Compliant initially. Then it was termed BEST

B- Bold, E- Expressive, S- Sympathetic, T- Technical

Dr.Gary Couture has added bird profiling to the same theory, which has become very popular.

  • Peacock– Influential Individual – The one who loves to talk and love to be the center of attraction, optimistic and happy go lucky personality.
  • Eagle– Dominant personality – The one who keeps an eye on the opportunities and goals, task oriented, natural achievers, go-getters etc.
  • Owl – Compliant personality – The one who is logical, mathematical and methodical at all times and loves to be perfectionist.
  • Dove – Steady personality – The one who loves being with people, more friendly, loyal, extremely diligent and hard working.

Central Nervous System and Brain Lobes

CNS is our body’s communication and decision center. It is composed of spinal cord, brain and peripheral nervous system (PNS), which are made of nerves. They control together the daily activities of life from blinking to breathing or memorizing for a test. From your brain, nerves reach to your face, ears, eyes, nose, spinal cord and to the rest of the body. Sensory nerves gather all the information from the surrounding environment. This information is sent to the spinal cord, which passes the message to the brain. The brain latter responds to the message.

Despite of being the most powerful organ of the body brain weighs only 3pounds. It contains 3 main parts

  1. Cerebrum (which covers 76% of total brain volume)
  2. Cerebellum
  3. Nerves

Brain Division

Fingerprint analysis helps to find our strong brain lobes. The above parts are segregated into 5 lobes, which are mentioned below –

  • Prefrontal Cortex– It deals with personality, behavior, execution, decision-making etc.
  • Frontal Lobe– It deals with problem solving, logical thinking, playing with number etc.
  • Parietal lobe– It deals with sensation, writing, motor skills etc.
  • Temporal Lobe– It deals with color identification, emotion of music, language etc.
  • Occipital Lobe– It deals with remembering faces, attention etc.

Dermatoglyphics is an interesting study, which says a lot about oneself on the basis of fingerprints analysis. Used by many international schools across the globe, Multiple intelligence test brings out interesting fact of an individuals personality, career, interests and much more.

Multiple Intelligence Test Benefits student

  • Helpful for selecting the career.
  • In choosing the right subject for further studies.
  • Able to identify one’s inborn talent.
  • It is required to identify the strength.
  • Helpful in understanding weakness and threats.
  • Helps in taking right decision.
  • It is a resourceful tool to multiply one’s growth.
  • Action steps for further growth.

3 tools that every student must consider for a great future.

Understanding your natural talent vs Things that you need to learn

  • Talent– is a repetitive pattern of thoughts. Habits and behavior of the person justifies it. It is a practice of more than 10,000 hours rule.
  • Knowledge– consists of lessons and facts learnt over the span of  time.
  • Skill– is a activity in steps

Lets identify it by an example- Networking is an art. You may not be good at it but when you practice over a period of time, it gets better with the time. How much satisfied are you with your career map?

Clarity of your Dominant talent

Students get a lot of awareness in terms of their dominant talent with the help Multiple Intelligence Test. The whole motto of Multiple Intelligence Test is to identify your dominant talent and using it as a leverage to boost you career growth. It is always said as “clarity is power“, without clarity you cannot reach your goal faster e.g. a man driving a car in the heavy rain since visibility is low, he would prefer to drive slowly. Once you identify your dominant talent, you can strengthen it over a period of time. Multiple Intelligence Test report brings out your hidden potential. Talent is all about frequency of the thoughts in the mind e.g. Farhan Aktar acting in the role of Milka Singh keeps practicing till he master the art of running.

Language- the way you describe your talent

Language plays a very important role the way student identifies his talent. It is very important to note that languages of a doctor is different from that of an Accountant. Every industry has a different language for a CA debit, credit, cash book entry, purchase book, general entry etc. is a normal language. So in order to master the subject you need to aware of its terminology.

Multiple Intelligence Test act as tool for the student to bring a shift in your life if you commit to bring a change in your life. It helps to choose the right career option based on your dominant talent and considering your weakness in place. 


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